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Spanx: Smooth Things Over

When it comes to our relationship with our clothes, it’s complicated. Sometimes they’re our BFF’s, and sometimes they remind us of a few unwanted bumps and lumps. But this shouldn’t keep you from wearing that special something that makes you feel amazing and unstoppable. It’s time to change your relationship status with your clothes. Throw on some Spanx, and smooth things over.




Spanx Wants to Get In Your Pants Dance

Submit your best “pants dance” to  #SpanxInMyPants. The best Instagrams/TikToks will get a cameo in a national Spanx ad and featured on its social media.


Take a selfie in the dressing room, process the image with the “Spanx” app, and see how your item will look when worn with Spanx. It will recommend the right garment and a GPS locator for the nearest Spanx location.

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